Tanner – 9 Months {Golden Family Photography}


Tanner is one of my milestone babies- that means I am lucky enough to get to see him every 3 months for a whole year!  My favorite thing about my milestone plan is that I get to see these babies develop into little people.  Every time I see them there is something new- this time, Tanner has discovered crawling and has some very strong opinions about what he does not like!  It’s awesome!  I met Tanner and his family at one of my favorite little spots in Golden for their photography session.  Even though it was HOT and I do mean REALLY REALLY HOT, we still had a great morning.  I love that every time I see these guys, they bring extended family with them.  This time, grandma, grandpa and Stephanie’s sister came.  Those of you who read my blog posts on a regular basis know that I am big on preserving memories, leaving a legacy for those that come after you- this is a wonderful way to do this!  Tanner’s children and their children will get to see pictures of Tanner with his aunt, and grandparents as well as his mom and dad- I think that is priceless.

I also would love to hire this family to come stand behind me and sing and dance and make crazy silly faces at all of my shoots!

I got so many fun shots from this session but here are just a couple of my favorites-



I can’t believe that next time I see him, we will be celebrating his first birthday!

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