I have always been a creative, sitting behind a desk in a cubicle is NOT for me.  So I decided to take something that was a hobby and try to make a profitable business out of it.  It has been a long, hard road but here I am TEN years later, finding so much joy in telling the stories of others.  Capturing the small, seemingly unimportant things, that I hope you treasure for years to come.  

I am a wife, mother, photographer, soccer mom, coffee addict, wine lover and beach bum. I grew up in a little town in Maine called Kennebunk & made the trek across the country to Colorado in the early 2000's. Erin Jachimiak Photography came to be in the Spring of 2013 when we were struggling as a family to find a healthy work life balance.  

so glad you are here!

I'm erin, photographer, mother and seeker of beautiful moments.

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I LOVE to travel!  While I love hopping on a plane for a weekend of soccer, I prefer to head someplace new (preferably warm) with amazing food and kind locals.  My favorite trip was going to Hopkins Belize.  It was a tiny town and the locals were amazing!  We ate lunch one day in the front yard of the sweetest family.  There was 1 thing on the menu and she made it from scratch in her kitchen!  Forget the over commercialized tourist traps and give me all the trips like THIS!  

traveling makes me oh-so-happy

They say variety is the spice of life, but not for me in the morning!  I get up at the same time every day.  And its EARLY.  I enjoy the peace and quiet before everyone is up to just sit and have my coffee.  I workout most mornings, unless I have an early session, then I try to get it in after. Once my workout is done and I am adequately caffinated, I am grounded and ready to take on whatever the day may throw at me!  

I'm all about my morning routine

I have 2 children, whom I absolutely adore.  I mean they are THE cutest kids ever!  They really are not kids anymore though so I need to start calling them what they are - teenagers.  GAH I don't even know how this happened.  I am headed into a cycle of life that I am so unprepared for.  So if you have any advice - I am all ears!  We are beginning to navigate college with my daughter (which is super overwhelming), and my son is traveling for soccer more then he is home these days.  While we don't get a lot of together time anymore - it is so special to me when we do.  

my two kids, hannah & connor are my world

They say patience is a virtue, and I am so thankful my now husband had a lot of patience when it came to me!  I mean I did not make things easy for him.  And I do feel bad now about it, but its part of our story.  I am forever thankful for my friend who kept saying "have you met my friend Mark?" over and over until I agreed to meet her friend Mark.  And here we are almost 20 years later.......loving the little life we have built together.  

i met my husband through a friend and didn't return his calls for a long time....

Ya I know, not the healthiest of things, but I like what I like.  Give me basically any kind of taco and a good Red wine (maybe not at the same time) and I am a happy girl.  I do love a good salad too - It's all about balance right?!?!?!

i could survive on tacos & wine. is that bad?






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Every family has a unique story.  A collection of seemingly insignificant things like a song you sing to lull your baby to sleep at night, or the way Dad can make every laugh by saying a single word.  All of these moments are mostly forgotten and replaced by new things as we grow and everyone gets older.  I want to capture all of these moments for you.  To freeze time, if you will.  Because all of these little forgettable moments, really are the ones you want to remember forever.  

I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive, and that's why I'm here. So that you can relive those days, over and over.

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