Hailey {Arvada Infant Photography}


If there is such a thing as a dream newborn client, she was it!  Hailey was quite a bit older then most of my babies, at almost 4 weeks old, she was still quite small.  Which was great for me because I was still able to get her into the squishy, adorable poses that are so swoon-worthy.  Her parents we also model clients!  They read my prep guide and did every. single. thing. I asked of them.  The result- an amazingly perfect session!  We even got to go outside and get some shots in their wonderful backyard under the most perfect tree.  I shared a few from her session on my facebook page yesterday, but trying to narrow down what to let her parents peak at proved to be really difficult.  Here are just a few- I can’t wait to show her parents the rest!

DavidsonDavidson-2Davidson-3Davidson-4Davidson-5That last one is TO DIE FOR!  I really think I need to do more Newborn Photography sessions outside.  Thanks D family for welcoming me into your home and for helping me schlep all of my stuff in and out of my car!

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