Summer fun ideas from a local photographer and Mama.


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Get creative!

This local photographer and mama can not the only one feeling the struggle of keeping kids occupied over this summer. Right??? I think maybe it is because we have had them home for so long already due to the whole distance learning thing. I know I feel like I have exhausted all things fun like 3 months ago! SO I did some digging and I found some great ideas to tear your kiddos away from the video game console for a few hours!

Get ready to get WET!

Here in Colorado, the temperatures in the summer can be HOT – I mean this whole week is going to be close to 100! With all of the pools being closed, we are left to our own devices to find a way to keep it cool! Water balloons are a favorite in my house. My kids just love that they can actually throw things at each other and not get in trouble for it! Good ol’ slip and slides are always a hit too. Or look online at retailers like Amazon there is some pretty fun stuff out there!

Local Photographer

Embrace Your Inner Picasso!

No I am not saying you have to paint a masterpiece! More like, hop over to Pinterest and check out all of the old school craft ideas! You can make lanyards, paint some rocks or hop outside and get your paper mâché on! My kids love to make their own tie-died creations. TIP- save old toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and egg cartons. You never know when the creative bug will strike!

Local Photographer

Master Chef Jr. edition????

If your kids are anything like mine, dinner time meals are often met with turned up noses and a good dramatic eye roll from my teenager. Unless it is pizza or whatever fried treat they are currently obsessed with. Enter cooking class- I let my kiddos search the web (again Pinterest for the win! ) for meals that sound good to them and then once a week on their day, each child prepares and serves the meal while the other handles clean up! The clean up is always met with resistance but I have found that this is a fun way to teach my kids a life skill and give myself a day off from cooking! Win win if you ask me!

Local Photographer

Rainy day’s don’t have to be blue…..

Just because its raining out, doesn’t mean the kids revert to playing video games until they are cross eyed. Quite the opposite my friend. I stumbled upon this super fun blog called Shaping up to be a mom and she had so many amazing ideas of things to do to minimize the I’m bored syndrome. She suggests things like having each child write an indoor activity on a slip of paper and stick it in a jar. When they need something to do you pull a slip out of the jar and that is the next activity. Seems so simple I wonder why I never thought to do something like that. Old school games are also a favorite in my house!

What are your families favorite summer activities?

Do you have an amazing incredible activity that the world needs to know about? Comment below and tell us! I am always looking for new and exciting things to cure the summertime boredom. Bonus points if your kids are older.

Whatever it is that keeps you and your family occupied this summer, I hope that you are cherishing the time. Living in the moment – trying to view this forced togetherness as a gift one that we would otherwise probably not get.

Summer is also a great time to update those family portraits! (you knew I had to do a shameless plug for my business lol) Hope over to my website to learn all about what I am doing when I am not being a mama!

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