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Hey Gang – On Today’s blog you get to meet Azalea.  Her Arvada Newborn Experience was nothing short of amazing.  Her parents came out to my Arvada Colorado Photography studio well prepared for a successful experience, which was awesome!  I feel like I totally lucked out with Azalea, I had just gone shopping at my FAVORITE newborn knit vendor, Devoted Knits, so I had all kinds of new bonnets, wraps and tiebacks to use.  Azalea was THE perfect model!

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Spiky Hair, Don’t Care – Arvada Newborns

And THAT hair!!!!!! Can we just talk about that for a minute?  Spiky hair, don’t care! That’s what I’m calling this blog post because Azalea’s hair was epic! She came out with a ton of long, dark hair. So much of it that it made a mohawk, all on its own! Baby hair is so soft and light that sometimes it just sticks straight up and looks super spiky. It is the cutest thing! It’s rare to get Arvada newborns with such long hair though. Azalea is really something special!

Arvada Newborns

Azalea’s hair was not the only thing about her that struck me. First of all, she slept for almost the entire session, which was so awesome! But aside from having really fun hair and sleeping well, her skin was so beautiful. Most newborns have pretty blotchy skin that is red and peeling or has bumps. You never see this of course, because I make sure to smooth their skin on the final images before anyone sees them. I hardly had to do anything to little Azalea though! Her skin was already perfect, just like the rest of her! Plus, I could not find a color that didn’t work with her skin tone. From yellows to pinks to greens, she looked good in everything. She is such a pretty baby!

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