Twins Natalie and Peter – Denver Newborn Photos


This is Peter and Natalie. They’re twins and they already have the best family. They’ve got a loving mom and dad, plus a fun older sister and brother. How lucky are they! This family is so laid back and easy going. Not an easy feat for a family of six! I loved photographing them all at their mom’s maternity session. Becca brought the whole family so we could get some family portraits for them before babies number three and four came along. I was so excited when it came time for their Denver newborn photos. I couldn’t wait to finally meet them. Photographing a twin newborn session is always such a special treat!

Twins Natalie and Peter – Denver Newborn Photos

Natalie and Peter were so cute but they were so different. Peter was super chill and slept just about the entire session. He definitely got brownie points in my book for that! Sleeping babies always make my job so much easier. Natalie was not quite so chill. She fought off sleep until the very end of our session.

Whenever I get multiples in the studio, I make sure to get plenty of photos of them together and separate. Not only does this help the session flow more smoothly, but I love capturing each baby on their own because they are so unique. When we get siblings in the studio, I usually start out with their portraits, especially if they are younger kids. That way, once we’re done with the family photos, they can go play and they don’t have to sit still and wait around. Then I get to focus on the newborns, getting them into different outfits and poses so we get a nice variety of photos. I loved photographing these twins and their whole family.

Sibling Newborn Photos

Colorado Twin Photographer

Denver newborn sibling photos

Colorado family newborn photography

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Arvada newborn twins photographer

Colorado Newborn photographer

Denver Newborn photographer

Denver Newborn photography

Denver Newborn photos

Colorado Newborn photos

Colorado Newborn photography

Denver twin newborn photographer

Denver twin newborn photography

Denver twin newborn photos

Denver twin newborn photoshoot

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