Mother’s Day Present – Colorado Baby Photos


Jack has an amazing dad. Since it’s just after Father’s Day, I wanted to celebrate him and tell you why he is especially awesome. You see, Jack’s dad thought of a really good Mother’s Day present this year. He decided he would get his wife Colorado baby photos of their one year old boy. Such an awesome idea! And the whole thing was a surprise! He brought Jack into my studio for the session and afterward, we went through the photos together and picked out the ones we thought his wife would love the best. In the end, we put together some gorgeous storyboards as her special gift. She loved them! It is so amazing to have physical prints of your kiddos to hang on the wall.

Mother’s Day Present – Colorado Baby Photos

We did the session at my studio, in Arvada and it went great. Jack was such a fun little guy. I caught a really wide variety of expressions on him. We got crying, grumpy, wonder, surprise. You’ll just have to scroll through to see them all. He was a riot! We got him in a couple different outfits but the best photos came when he wasn’t wearing anything at all. I swear, all babies go through a phase around this age, where they just want to be naked all the time! He was certainly happy this way too! To mix things up, I used a few fun props, like a little chair and cute, teal bucket. Plus, I loved the little grey hat we had him at the end of the session.

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