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In a world where there is so much negativity lately, I was so excited that this family chose to celebrate their amazing new baby girl, Jozee. Because I am primarily a Denver newborn photographer, I get a lot of incredible families, but this one was special. The amount of love and admiration they had for Jozee was unlike any other I have seen. Jozee’s dad was in awe the entire newborn experience. In awe of Tiffany (the way he looked at her when she was snuggling his daughter totally made my heart melt) and what her body had created, it was almost as if he didn’t believe sweet Jozee was real.  I mean, how lucky is he to have 2 beautiful women in his life!

Celebrating New Life – Denver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn Photographer's Studio Portraits

Family Portrait by Denver Newborn Photographer

Father hold newborn baby girl

This Denver newborn portrait experience was one for the books for sure.  I chose shades of lavender for most of her set ups, it just went perfectly with her skin tone, which was AMAZING by the way!  We incorporated a lot of vintage props that I have in my Arvada studio. They really added to the overall feel of her images. I just love all of the variety we got with this experience. Jozee was such a dream baby she made my job easy.  Denver Newborn Photographer

Denver Newborn Photography

Denver Newborn Photo Studio

I was really happy that Tiffany took the time to complete my questionnaire. It is the jumping off point for me to design each session. From what poses I do, to the colors and props that I use. The more information my clients give me, the better equipped I am to create the most amazing portrait experience for them. Each experience is unique to that particular client. Here are a few more from Jozee’s newborn experience. (can you even stand how cute her little toes are?????)

Denver Newborn Portrait Studio

Denver Baby Photographer

Denver Baby Photography

Denver Baby Photo Studio

Macro photography of newborn baby's toes

Denver Newborn Photography Details

Portrait of newborn baby girl

I feel so fortunate that I get to call this work.  Who else gets to wake up every single day and help families celebrate life & love? I love that I get to tell their story. It is incredible to be able to create a moment in amongst all of the chaos that is new parenthood, where new moms and dads can really just focus on that amazing, tiny human that they created. I am pretty lucky if you ask me!

If you are expecting or know someone who is, I would be honored to craft a completely custom portrait experience for you!

To learn more, drop me a note at hello@erinjachimiak.com or click here.

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