{Fur Babies} Denver Family Photographer


I just love it when my clients bring their fur babies to their sessions! Walter has made an appearance the last couple of times I have photographed Joshua and Mackenzie. I feel like as a Denver family photographer, more people should think to include at least a couple of shots with their fur babies. In most instances they are considered children too. We are so lucky to live in a place that is so dog friendly, I say lets take advantage of it!

I have photographed these two quite a few times now, hopefully I can talk Mom and Dad into getting in front of the lens next time :). They are so much fun- I love watching them grow into little people with strong personalities. We met up at Stanley Lake not to far from my studio just outside of Denver. I love this little spot- the mountain view is amazing and there is always beautiful light. The best part of this session, not including Walter’s bowtie, was the fact that mom let them pick out an outfit (whatever they wanted) to have a few shots taken in. This really lets their personalities shine, Joshua picked out neon orange everything and Mackenzie chose a lovely sparkly party dress. It was awesome!


Thanks Peterson Family, for coming back to me again and again!

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