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As a baby photographer, I know how unpredictable Denver newborns can be. In their first few weeks of life, a baby’s temperament can change a lot day to day. I’m prepared for most anything though and I know a lot of different ways to sooth new babies and get them to sleep for their photos. From sending out tips for parents to prepare for their session, to keeping my studio warm and using a noise machine, I can usually get babies to sleep for most of the session, even if they come in wide awake and screaming. If we can complete a full session in one visit, it saves us all a lot of time and effort and that’s always what I aim for. My goal is to make a photography session as easy on the parents as possible while getting amazing pictures.

Charlie – Denver Newborns

That’s what I tried to do when Charlie came in. He was just not having a good day. We did manage to get a lot of great shots but he was being difficult and I wasn’t getting all the photos I wanted for him. His mom and I decided it would be better if she brought him back to the studio on a different day. A few days later, they were back and it was as if she had brought back a different baby! Charlie slept through his entire session and was a total dream! It was night and day. We got tons of amazing photos of little Charlie. With newborn photography, if all else fails, we can try again on a different day. Sometimes that makes all the difference! Here are some of my favorite photos from both of Charlie’s sessions. Can you tell which are which?

Portrait of Denver baby's face

Photos of Denver Newborns

Sleeping colorado newborn in knit hat

difficult newborn sessions

cranky baby newborn photography

swaddled newborn denver baby photos

awake newborn portraits

Arvada newborn photo studio

Denver newborn studio photography

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