Zelda Saige – Arvada Newborn Photos


I’ve got some pretty adorable Arvada newborn photos to share this week! I have done a few sessions with this gorgeous family so I was so happy when they contacted me again for newborn pictures! I absolutely love my return clients. <3 Zelda Saige had such a great session. First of all, can we talk about her name? Isn’t it amazing! I love it. Her parents call her Saige for short, which is super sweet. Anyway, her session went great! Saige was super squishy and smiley. She slept so soundly for most of the session, which meant I got to play around with posing and try some fun, new things.

Zelda Saige – Arvada Newborn Photos

At the start of our session, Zelda Saige wasn’t super sleepy quite yet, so we started with some family photos. I love when the parents want to get in the photos with their new bundle. These photos really show so much love. It makes me happy just looking at them! After the family portraits, we went onto the posed newborn photos. We did a few different outfits but the one I think she liked best was her birthday suit! She was just so comfortable when we started doing some photos of her without clothes on. We got a ton of great photos here. At the end of the session, I put her in a cute pink and blue set with a beautiful little quilt. I love how soft the pastels are in that set. My favorite photos of all, from this session, was the marshmallow one! The potato sack pose is one of the cutest poses but paired with my vintage Campfire marshmallow bucket, it’s just perfection. Scroll down to see it for yourself!

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