Timeless newborn photos | Images that will stand the test of time.


What’s your style?

What does it mean to say timeless newborn photos? I mean nothing is TIMELESS right? I get that, really I do. What I mean when I say that we strive to create timeless newborn photos, is that we keep the focus on baby. No elaborate themed set ups or super bright colors. I want your eye to be drawn to your beautiful baby right away, rather than the elaborate cartoon themed set up your tiny human is surrounded by. Now if that is your jam – you do you my friend! No judgement here! I believe that the more simplistic approach to newborn photography is one that will truly stand the test of time.

When you look back on the images from your Childs newborn photography session, I want you to see timeless newborn photos. Images that are classic, beautiful and ageless. When we plan your newborn session in my Denver Colorado photography studio, you will not see a lot of character themes, cluttered set ups or whatever the latest thing trending on Pinterest is. Instead, you will find that I have a minimalistic approach to newborn portraiture. I want the focus to be on YOUR baby, on those pouty lips or the tiny fingers. I do not want anything to take away from the beauty that is your baby.

Classic Color Schemes for timeless newborn photos

Part of having timeless newborn photos is choosing a color scheme that will stand the test of time. I prefer soft, earthy, neutral tones rather than bright vivid colors. There is just something so dateless about these soft colors. They also ensure that your beautiful tiny human is the first thing the eye goes to when looking at your images.

What will your legacy look like?

When I think about portraits, any kind actually not just newborns, one of the questions I always ask is what will these images look like 50 years from now. Yes, I know they will look dated that is inevitable. However, my goal is for them to be viewed as a beautiful snippet of time. I know when I look back at some of the images of me as a young child, there were some shall we say questionable color and outfit options. I really try to minimize that for my clients. If you look at my portfolio you will see that by choosing colors that compliment the background and skin tones of my clients, we really are able to create not just timeless newborn photos, but classic family portraits as well.

Let’s be friends!

I love creating completely customized timeless newborn sessions for my clients in my Arvada Colorado portrait studio! Reach out to me here for more information! You can also check out our Instagram or Facebook to see what we have been up to!

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