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A good photographer can take a nice picture. A great photographer brings a picture to life. Great photographers see through the lens what others do not. Anyone can take a picture. Anyone can take a great picture. It takes an artist to make an incredible photograph.

Erin is that type of artist. She takes pictures, amazing pictures, of people’s kids. I couldn’t wait for my grandson to be born so I could see what Erin would do with him. There was never another photographer I would have used for these very special photos. We planned for him to come and set a photo date.

After Joe was born, he had some complications that required surgery. We had to postpone our photo session until he was well enough to be moved around. We were sad at the thought we might miss our newborn photo window. Thankfully he healed quickly and we got to do our photos.

Seeing my beautiful daughter with her newborn son was so surreal. The two of them together melt my heart. Erin captured some stunning images in that photo shoot. One of my favorites is the dream catcher. Baby Joe looks like an angel in that photograph. Erin took photos of all 3 of us and some of just Caitlin and Joe. She’s falling into motherhood seamlessly.

Denver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn Photographer

While taking pictures Erin asked if we wanted Joe’s scar to show. Caitlin said yes. That is his badge for what he has already dealt with in his short life. There are numerous photos where the scar could have been hidden or edited out, but it was more special to see that little reminder of how lucky we are.

Denver Newborn Photographer

Thank you Erin, for capturing those moments we can now keep forever. These are now timeless moments we can enjoy and share with Joe when he’s a young man.

Denver Newborn Photographer– Kristin Marin Guest Blogger

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