5 Things You Did Not Know About Me! (Arvada Newborn Photographer)


When I meet a client for a session, I always ask them tons of questions to try to get to know them better and I realized that I bet my clients do not know much about me at all.  Yet they trust me with their precious week old bundles of joy and their sweet children as they get older.  Sooooo lucky you- here are 5 fascinating tidbits of information that I bet you did not know about me, but always wanted to!

1- I am from a little town in Maine called Kennebunk- Yep the infamous Kennebunkport where George Bush has an absolutely stunning home.  It was not uncommon to see him out in his fishing boat while we were at the beach or in one of the local restaurants.  I love Maine- we go back every summer and spend a week at the beach.

This is the Bush Summer Home-


Pretty right?!?!

My Daughter and I from one of our recent trips back to Maine-


2- I went to college in a tiny little town in New Hampshire called Keene.  Little known fact about Keene- they hold (or held I am not sure now) the Guiness World Record for the most carved jack o lanterns in 1 place.  I remember every year what a huge deal it was to carve pumpkins and go down to the pumpkin festival…good times.


3- I am scared of heights but I will go up in a hot air balloon before I die.

4- I have over 145 pairs of shoes- don’t judge – I have a serious problem buying shoes.  I mean a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes can she?  My handbag collection is slowly creeping up there too…..yikes!  I will own a pair of Christian Louboutins at some point in my life.

so pretty……..



5- I used to clog competitively – YEP I am not ashamed.  I was a dancer from the time I was 2 up until I went to college.  I did it all- tap, ballet, point, jazz, and clogging.  I was in a group called the Downeast Country Cloggers and we travelled all over competing.  We even did our fair share of parades.  I searched and searched for a picture of me clogging (you know because I like to be embarrassed) but I could not find one. These are the shoes we wore- like tap shoes but  instead of 1 tap on the toe and heel there were 2.


So now that you know me a little better- please feel free to use some of this information to poke fun of me at your next session!  I can take it!

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