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I was so thrilled when Amber contacted me about wanting some extended family pictures.  If you read my blog on a somewhat regular basis (did you know you could even subscribe to my blog….that way you would never miss a post!) you know how I feel about extended family pictures.  LOVE IT!  Such an important gift to leave for your children and your children’s children.

I met Amber and her family at her Mom’s home in Lafayette.  They were so warm and welcoming- I knew it was going to be a fun morning.  And it definitely did not disappoint!  You see, they were not so concerned about having every single person smiling and looking at the camera in every single shot.  They wanted moments, memories.  They wanted to be able to look back at these images and remember the temper tantrum that Gordon threw at the end of the session over the fruit snacks, or the meltdown that sweet Ellie had every time someone dared to take away her snow globe.  Don’t get me wrong…..I captured  lots of amazing images that are frame worthy.  In fact, here are a few of my favorites.

Lafayette Family PhotographerLafayette Family PhotographerArvada Children's PhotographerArvada Family PhotographerLafayette Children's PhotographerLafayette Family PhotographerLafayette Family Photographer

Arvada Children's Photographer

AND just because its an awesome picture- here is one more!

Arvada Family Photographer

Thank you so much guys for welcoming me into your home and spending your Saturday Morning with me!


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