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Photographers dream session

Seriously, when I day dream about what I want a session to be ……THIS IS IT. I mean a dreamy Rocky Mountain Maternity Photography session, how lucky am I? We are so blessed to have such epic beauty in our backyard, it is a shame not to take advantage of it.

Planning is the key

This Mama to be had a very clear idea in her mind as far as a vision for her maternity photography session. This is something that not many of my clients have. Most of them look to me for suggestions which I absolutely love! I was more than happy, however, to work with this expecting mother to bring her vision to life.


You have heard me say time and time again how important styling is to bring your vision to life. Imagine for a minute this session if she had chosen to wear jeans and a sweater. Yes, it will still be pretty……but will it have the same visual impact that this beautiful, gauzy dress has? No it wouldn’t. The way the gown moves, the color, the texture it all lends itself beautifully for this Rocky Mountain Maternity Photography Session.

Client Closet!

PLEASE take advantage of my client closet. I have invested in an ever growing selection of high end gowns in beautiful fabrics, colors and textures that will photograph beautifully! These dresses are complimentary to all of my clients. I encourage all of my mamas, expecting or not, to arrange to come by and browse the selection! I was so happy that this expecting mama took advantage of my closet!

Get in front of the camera Mama!

I know during pregnancy the last thing we want to do is take pictures. I get it! You are tired, you may have swollen feet, you have put on a few pounds. But you are creating life! YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN BEING! Celebrate that! Document that! I would LOVE to create an epic Rocky Mountain Maternity Photography Session for you!

If you are not sold yet – hop over to my portfolio and check out all of the drool worthy sessions over there………

Ready to Book????? YAY! Lets chat! I am so blessed to be able to do something that I love so much every day! It still blows my mind that people actually pay me to do this! I can’t wait to tell YOUR story Mama!

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