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Since newborns change so much, and so quickly in their first few weeks of life, I always recommend parents schedule their Colorado newborn photography session for when their little one is in their first couple weeks after birth. That way, we can really capture them at their first stage of life and get all those lovely, squishy, sleepy baby photos we all ooh and ahh over! In some cases, however, this just isn’t possible. Not all births go according to plan and sometimes babies or mamas need to stay in the hospital a bit longer than expected. Sometimes parents just don’t realize how important these photos are until their baby is earthside and it takes some time to schedule the session.

Life can just get in the way sometimes and often times I’ll have newborns come in for their sessions at four, five, or six weeks old.  And that is totally okay! It just means that we’ll have a different kind of session. Usually, it means that instead of sleepy, dreaming photos we get wide-eyed, awake photos. Older newborns are usually a bit bigger (they really do grow up fast!) so the poses I can put them in are different as well. No matter what, we make it work and we make great photos that will become the perfect memento of your babies first few weeks.

Baby Carter – Colorado Newborn Photography

Baby Carter came into my studio at five weeks old. He was so cute and really content just being awake for his session. He didn’t fuss when I posed him and he absolutely loved being wrapped up. Being an older newborn, he was awake for about 90% of his session. I love his eyes so much though, and him being awake meant we got lots and lots of wide-eyed photos of him. Isn’t he just perfect? We got lots of family portraits with his parents that I am just so in love with. Check out my favorites form Carter’s Colorado newborn photography session!

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