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Photography is an investment into your family, your legacy, and yourself. One of my favorite reasons for clients to have a photo experience, especially for mothers, is for them to honor and take care of themselves. A photo session may sound stressful but when you hire the right people, it can be a time for you to let go, bond with your family, and love yourself! Hair and makeup can go a long way to make a photo experience even more stress-free and wonderful! It can even feel like a day of pampering. For this month’s guest blog, I have Erin Flint of Rogue Beauty LLC. She will be talking all about the importance of professional hair + makeup for a photo experience! And I know she is totally amazing because she did my hair and makeup for my own family session and a holiday party this year!

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Photo by Twig & Olive Photography

Why Book a Hair + Makeup Artist

Ladies, how often do you get photos done? I’m talking about with a professional photographer, with the big cameras. (The ones that literally show everything, but we’ll talk about that in a min). If you’re like 95% of the population that’s NOT a model, it’s maybe once a year for family pictures. And the occasional big event like growing a new human. So let’s take a second to chat about why hair + makeup is so important when you’re getting photos done professionally.

hair and makeup for photography

Image provided by Erin Flint

Professional Hair and Makeup For The Win!

First of all, you’re already spending the $$ to have a professional take pictures of your gorgeous mug. Why would you NOT splurge to look your absolute best!? I’ve been in this industry for over 4 years now, and for my entire first year, I worked with every photographer that would have me, and I did it for free! I did that so I could learn how makeup looks in different lighting and how the camera affects the way skin looks. I learned a lot in that first year! I’m happy to go into more detail while you’re sitting in my chair if it’s something that interests you!

hair +makeup for photo shoot

Image provided by Erin Flint

Second! Getting your photos taken is stressful! You may have a family to wrangle, or this may be the most beautiful time in your life, while you’re carrying a wee one. (Just because it’s beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s not stressful too!) Well, figuring out what to do with your hair + makeup can be just as stressful. So why not unload that burden on someone that does this for a living?! Plus, all of us could use a little pamper time right! On top of that, a good makeup artist can look at your wardrobe, your skin tone, and eye color and figure out what will look amazing on you in a matter of seconds, AND get your skin lookin’ fab to boot!!

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Erin Flint of Rogue Beauty LLC

Colorado Hair + Makeup

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