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This session was just plain awesome….well except that there was nothing plain about it!  I always give my clients the option of an urban session or more of a mountain landscape type of photography session.  I was beyond giddy when this family chose urban!  And it was even better when they wanted to do the session super early!  You see, the light at 7:30 in the morning is AMAZING!  But not too many people are willing to go through the hassle of getting their family ready for pictures at such an early hour.  Being a Denver Family Photographer, I love to be able to show my clients the beauty of places that they normally wouldn’t think of for pictures.  That is just what happened here- Mom questioned my suggestion of REI in Downtown Denver.  But I assured her it was a fantastic spot for family pictures.  You get a little bit of everything.

We lucked out too because the session was so early there were NO people milling around REI so we had the place to ourselves.  Which led to lots of laughing, playing, hugging, tickling and everything else that makes up a perfectly perfect family photography session.  I love it when I get families who are not nervous and stressed about pictures.  It does rub off on the kiddos…… These guys were so happy just to go with the flow and hang out with their kids.  The result- AMAZING PICTURES.  Not just a couple- almost all of them!  I think that I love this session so much because they were willing to step out of the box.  I admit that I have never photographed young kids at this spot- it has mostly been seniors (when I was photographing seniors), but I had always wanted to.   So I can check that off of my list now- and hopefully after seeing this- I can convince some of my other clients to step out of their comfort zone and look at a different side of Denver!

Check it out-

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Thank you SO much Stachel Family and a big thank you to Jenny B. for the referral!  I cant wait to work with these guys again!

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