Joshua’s Sitter Experience – Arvada Portraits


How cute is Joshua??? He came in for a sitter experience (read more about those here) and I am so glad he did! Can you believe that hair???? Could he be any cuter?!?!?! He was such a happy baby! Mom brought some adorable outfits for him and I loved that we got some naked shots too. The second outfit was definitely my favorite. I’m a sucker for babies in tiny jeans! What’s your favorite baby outfit?

I feel like little ones lose all of that baby fat so fast, and it must be documented! The naked shots are definitely the way to go to capture it! These sitter experiences are the perfect kind of portrait session for young babies… They are super short (30 minutes) so 90% of the time we are finished before they decide that they have had enough. Winning! Not to mention these sessions are such a great way to document their growth. You wouldn’t want to forget that crazy baby hair and adorable rolls, right!?

Joshua’s Sitter Experience – Arvada Portraits

A sitter experience is a fully customized session, made especially for babies who are just learning to sit, stand, or walk. It’s a great way to catch those important milestones in their first couple of years. All my sitter clients get a 12×12 custom designed storyboard with their sitter experience. These are so awesome because not only do you get to design it, and choose the images that you want in it, they arrive matted to 1/4″ foam core and ready to frame or display on an easel in your home. They also make great gifts for the grandparents!

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I feel so fortunate that I get to call this work. Who else gets to wake up every single day and help families celebrate life & love? I love that I get to tell their story. It is incredible to be able to create a moment in amongst all of the chaos that is new parenthood, where new moms and dads can really just focus on that amazing, tiny human that they created. I am pretty lucky if you ask me!

If you have a little sitter or know someone who does, I would be honored to craft a completely custom sitter experience for you!

To learn more, drop me a note at or click here.

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