Graham – 9 days fresh {Boulder Newborn Photographer}


Being a newborn photographer, I never know what I am going to get as far as a subject goes.  I think that is what I love most- they totally run the show.  I can prepare, have the most beautifully coordinated set ups and well, if baby doesn’t feel like going into that pose, so be it.  We move on.   A lot of times parents stress about that, worried that they won’t get the sweet squishy baby shots.  I’m not going to lie, sometimes it doesn’t happen.  But you see, more times then not, it does at some point in the session.  You just have to roll with it.

Graham is on my milestone plan so YAY for me, I get to see him every 3 months!  Graham was probably one of the most beautiful babies that I have photographed.  His skin tone was amazing and I loved his temperament.  He knew what he liked and did not like thats for sure!  He did not like to be on his belly.  AT ALL.  So we didn’t do any belly shots, so be it.  He was so easy going, let me pose him however I wanted (as long as it wasn’t on his belly) and just stayed there.  He was awake for most of the session, which is great.  It allowed me to get lots of shots of his beautiful eyes.  I did get him to go to sleep at the end of the session long enough to get the wreath shot his mama wanted! Check out a few of my favorites from his newborn photography session in the studio- I was thrilled to get his parents in a few shots too!

Boulder Newborn PhotographyBoulder Newborn PhotographerBoulder Newborn PhotographerBoulder Baby PhotographerBoulder Newborn PhotographerBoulder Baby Photographer


Thanks guys, for being so patient and going with the flow- we got some amazing photographs!


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