Denver Family Pictures | Choosing the perfect location for your session


It’s almost time for your Denver family pictures and we’re trying to decide on a location. Here are some things you’ll want to think about: 

Where will you display your images?

Keep in mind the décor of your home. My personal photography style is darker with more muted tones. However, my home is modern farmhouse. I would never have us dressed in bright colors on a canvas in my wall because it doesn’t go with my décor. Make sure you coordinate your outfits and locations to match the décor style of your home. You also will need to coordinate the colors with the walls of your house so they don’t clash. 

If you have a modern farmhouse home like mine, studio portraits don’t typically look good unless you put them in barn wood type frames to make them fit in more.

If you have a more modern home, studio Denver family pictures will more than likely be your best option.

You can also choose to have a lifestyle session done inside your home. We will come to your house and take photos of your family in your own natural environment. These are beautiful and will look great in your house because they match perfectly.

Where ever you choose for your Denver family pictures it will be amazing! There really is no wrong choice. Just some things to consider when you select a spot! All of my clients receive a session location guide (for outdoor locations). This guide is full of some of my favorite spots – complete with photos and descriptions of each location, we make it easy to make the perfect choice!

Lets be friends!

It is so special when I am chosen for your Denver family pictures! It is truly a beautiful time in your life and a privilege for me to be a small part of it. Reach out to me here for more information! You can also check out our Instagram or Facebook to see what we have been up to!

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