Hello to all you new parents and those expecting!

The journey through your baby’s first year is filled with so many precious ‘firsts’. These milestones are moments of joy, celebration, and awe as your little one grows and changes right before your eyes. As an experienced newborn photographer in the Denver area, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness and capture these milestones for many families. 

To help you celebrate these special moments, I’ve created a set of new baby milestone cards that you can download for free right here on my blog!

What Are Baby Milestone Cards?

Baby milestone cards are a beautiful, fun way to document your baby’s first year. The idea is simple – whenever your baby reaches a new milestone, you take a picture of them with the respective milestone card. Not only does this help you remember when these milestones happened, but it also creates a visual timeline of your baby’s growth and development.

Your milestone cards are perfect for capturing all those little moments between the times you come for your professional portraits.  You can check out all of our sessions here!

My Milestone Cards

These printable milestone cards have been thoughtfully designed and include a range of milestones from the conventional to the unique. Some of the milestones our cards cover include:

  1. Welcome Home: The day you bring your baby home is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated.
  2. First Smile: Few things in life are as heartwarming as your baby’s first smile.
  3. Rolling Over: This could be your baby’s first taste of mobility, and it’s such a joy to see.
  4. First Solid Food: This can be a fun, albeit messy, experience!
  5. Sitting Up: This milestone could be the beginning of your baby’s independence.
  6. First Word: Whether it’s ‘mama’, ‘dada’, or something else entirely, the first word is always a thrill.
  7. First Tooth: This one is always a relief after many sleepless nights!
  8. First Plane Ride: Creating memories doesn’t just happen at home.
  9. First Steps: This is a big one – the beginning of a whole new world of exploration!
  10. First Birthday: A full trip around the sun calls for a big celebration.

In addition to these, I have included some whimsical cards such as “Little Gardener” and “Little Helper” because it’s these little moments that add to the record of your baby’s first year.

How To Use the Milestone Cards

Using these cards is simple. Just print them out, and when your baby reaches a milestone, place the corresponding card next to them and take a photo. You could compile these pictures into a photo book or even share them on social media.

To download my free milestone cards, just click on the link HERE. Remember, each milestone is unique and special, just like your baby. Whether they’re reaching milestones ahead of the curve or taking their sweet time, it’s all part of their individual journey.

I hope you find joy in using these milestone cards to celebrate your baby’s firsts. Remember, they’re only little once, so treasure these moments and capture them when you can.  I’d also be delighted to help you capture more formal professional portraits of your baby to compliment your own record.  You can find out more about my milestone (sitter) portrait sessions here.

Until next time, happy milestone marking!

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