Cal- 16 days new – Arvada Newborn Photography


Talk about a cute baby- holy moly!  This little guy has that title in the bag!  Cal was a little bit older than most of my newborns so I was a little worried about being able to get him into the squishy baby poses that everyone loves.  However, he was so easy to pose.  I was able to get him into every single pose that I tried- that NEVER happens.  Cal’s parents were so laid back too which was great.  They brought some super cool props, including a baseball glove that was his Grandfathers.  I love it when my clients take the time to gather things that are important to them so that I can incorporate those items into the session.  It makes it so much more personal.  I just really loved almost every shot from this session.  Check out a few-

20150918-IMG_9005Cal-Edit20150918-IMG_9104Cal-Edit20150918-IMG_9026Cal-Edit20150918-IMG_8959Cal-Edit20150917-IMG_8917Cal-Editnewborn photographyThanks Brian and Kristy for trusting me with your sweet baby!  I look forward to seeing you guys around the neighborhood!


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