{Boys will be Boys}Thornton Family Photographer


I seriously LOVE photographing boys!  Not that girls are not awesome too, but only a boy will go jump into a pile of tall grass without thinking about it, just because you asked him to.

I was thrilled that this family was willing to make the trek from Thornton to Boulder for their Family pictures. We had so much fun!  I was a little nervous because Chase was super shy with me when we first met up.  But after about 10 minutes he was running around exploring the area.   These boys were a ton of fun to photograph.  They just ran around and played, stopping for the occasional pose 🙂  And did you check out their parents- what a pretty family right?!?!?

Anyway, I could go on and on about these guys we had THAT much fun.  But I will just leave you to check out some of my favorites from their fall family photography session.

Boulder Family PhotographerDenver Children's PhotographyDenver Children's PhotographerDenver Children's PhotographerDenver Family Photographer



Sometimes, the last shot of the session is one of my favorites…..THIS is why I love photographing boys!

Denver Children's Photographer

Thanks guys for allowing me to spend the afternoon chasing after you with a camera.  It was fun!
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