Arvada Baby Photographer – Baby Connor


As an Arvada baby photographer, I meet a lot of babies and I hear a lot of baby names. I have a soft spot for babies named Connor though. My son is named Connor, so it’s kinda hard not to. Well, this Connor is just about the cutest little baby ever. I chose him for a model call I was doing to test out some new props, wraps and set up ideas I had. Connor was just perfect for the job! Besides having the most beautiful skin, he was a great sleeper.

I love all of the neutral colors I chose for this session, they really compliment his skin and hair. Lately, I’ve really started to realize that I love neutral colors for my newborn sessions. They give the photos a certain timelessness and sophistication. When these babies grow up and look back at their newborn photos, I don’t want them to see an ugly fad or tasteless trend. I want them to see a gorgeous portrait that they can appreciate in any era.

Arvada Baby Photographer – Baby Connor

A lot goes on behind the scenes of a newborn experience. My clients fill out an in-depth questionnaire and from there I carefully select set ups, bonnets, wraps, etc. I make sure that everything I choose will compliment their homes, where they are thinking they might want to hang prints or canvases.

The planning even includes the poses that Mama really wants or does not want, colors she doesn’t want and ones she loves. I ask my clients if they prefer black and white images to color images. Wrapped poses or nude poses or maybe a little bit of both. I work really hard for each and every client to create an experience that really reflects who you are, what you want. No two experiences are the same. I love customizing each and every portrait session for my clients. Being able to create these one of a kind moments for my families is such an honor.

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I feel so fortunate that I get to call this work. Who else gets to wake up every single day and help families celebrate life & love? Being an Arvada baby photographer is incredible. I love that I get to tell people’s stories. It is incredible to be able to create a moment in amongst all of the chaos that is new parenthood, where new moms and dads can really just focus on that amazing, tiny human that they created. I am pretty lucky if you ask me!

If you are expecting or know someone who is, I would be honored to craft a completely custom portrait experience for you!

To learn more, drop me a note at or click here.

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